quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2009

My Sorry

Excuse me

Today with tears running from my eyes, I feel so empty all the time, I like the way your hair agrees, and says things like your way of seeing life.
When I met you, I swear that my intention was not ever feel what I feel after all there is nothing else to do .. Fool me with words that do not feel I will not make a person better or worse, nor will it as you ..
Just do not understand why, still believe in Santa Claus?

Owner of my thoughts tell me more banal as
Forget all that one day I lived next door, if indeed I do not want;
Sweet poison, which enfeiçou me as I live a day to your side, alone in peace with the world and without any fault with the certainty of what it means to me are the same as thinking.

I never delete it for myself, if each look in the mirror, my image urges you to think ..

Please do not leave me, never let me not leave this to end. Because my dear, I saved my love for me your knife?
I love you so well, so well that you can not imagine how you are a well for my existence ..
However it must be strong and follow my life, let you make their decisions alone, without me.
I try not to remember it, because it is a pain so strong in thinking about it all, come in desperation, I am mad.
Maybe one day we can resume from where it dropped, and start all over again, without guilt or resentment.

AMO-TE ...

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